“Fa-silly-tators! Exploring humour in non-formal Education and youth projects”

“Fa-silly-tators” was a 7-day seminar founded by Erasmus+ that took place in Vienna from 24th to 30th of November 2019. The seminar has brought together 32 participants from 20 countries in Europe (Austria, Ireland, Greece, Slovakia, Turkey, Italy, Estonia, France, Spain, Serbia, Portugal, Albania, Moldova, Romania, Germany, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Switzerland and Hungary). During the seminar participants have learned and exchanged methods and best practices on how to use humor to empower youth with fewer opportunities and marginalized groups, how to do humor from a feminist/antiracist/queer/etc. lens, how to use it and how to deal with conflicts around it.

As Project outcome we published a manual that explores humour in non-formal education and youth projects. The manual for everyone who wants to read and reflect About how to use humor in an inclusive and fun way. You can download the manual here!

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