A daily plate of peace and non-violence

Background of the project

First we eat, then we do everything else” M.F.K. Fisher

Eating is one of the most important things you do and for sure it’s also important in workcamps and youth exchanges. Cooking and Eating can bring a group together, it can show you how similar and how different people are, it helps you to get satisfied and happy. Many values can be represented in our food consumption – and food is connected to climate change, to social injustice, to capitalism and exploitation.

As SCI from its beginning almost 100 years ago had worked for the goal of a culture of peace and non-violence also food consumption and its impact on social inequalities and a sustainable planet need to be addressed to follow a holistic approach. So with “A daily plate of peace and non-violence: How values should and can be represented in our food consumption” we want to strengthen a sustainable and just food consumption on SCI projects and in the environment of all participants. The project is going to raise awareness and promote critical reflexion of current practices of food consumption in youth exchanges, seminars/ trainings and workcamps/ short term volunteer projects. 

We will be 23 participants from 9 European countries (Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland and Spain), who will meet three time between November 2018 and September 2019.


We’re going to create together 

  1. a cookbook and guidelines on food consumptions in camps, trainings, seminars, meeting, workshops and youth exchanges as well as 
  2. a toolkit with non-formal education (NFE) methods for workshops and activities on the topic of a sustainable food consumption.

We believe that both publications will be necessary to improve the ecological and social impact of the projects because the cookbook will give tools for such a change but change will only be possible if the participants of a project are aware of why they are doing things a certain way. For this reason also educational tools are necessary to create an impact during and beyond the SCI projects.

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