New EVS positions in Switzerland available

The European Voluntary Service is a program of the European Union that aims to promote the mobility of young people while also contributing to the process of lifelong learning. Young European people between 18 and 30 can participate.

Following projects are open for applications:


10 MONTHS (1.02.2022 – 10.11.2022)


We are searching for you, if you are interested in permaculture, gaining practical experience during a whole season, self-sustainability and living in an intentional community. The project is about working in the permaculture garden of our ecovillage in north–eastern Switzerland, as well as living in the ecovillage. We are an intentional community of  approximately 35 adults and 15 children, situated directly between the shore of a beautiful big lake and a forest – and still close to nice cities. For further information please visit: 

The website of our project:

The website of our ecovillage:

You have the unique opportunity to participate at the EDE (Ecovillage Design Education) in Schloss Glarisegg to special conditions. The EDE is a comprehensive course in Integrative Whole Systems Design for Sustainability. Visit:

It will be the 8th time for us to welcome volunteers and we are really looking forward to getting to know you. We have seen how volunteers profit a lot from their experiences when they stay with us. Many say that they learn a lot about themselves, about communication and about living and working together.

If you are interested, please apply with an email to: Include a short CV, some lines about your motivation, and one (or more) photos. Thank you!

Feel free to share this post with your friends, family or anyone that might be interested!

Sincerely yours, the garden team of Ecovillage Schloss Glarisegg


1 YEAR (01.02.2022 – 31.01.2023)


The Asylum Office of the canton of Valais provides several centers in the region, where asylum seekers live, work and get education during the time they wait for their decision for a stay permit. The Asylum Office will host 3 volunteers at the center “Le Rados”. Volunteers have the opportunity to work with different target groups in Sion and Ardon:

  • Unaccompanied minors in Sion
  • Young adults and people in precarious situations in Ardon
  • Vulnerable mothers with young children in Sion
  • Families, in a collective shelter in Sion

Activities of the volunteers:

  • Presence with the asylum seekers and in the center
  • Assistance with daily activities (medical care, recreational activities, care, exchanges, meals, school care…)
  • Assistance to the guardians or social assistants
  • Organization of individual or group activities
  • Presence at the Recreation camp

7 MONTHS (01.04.2022 – 31.10.2023)


In the midst of the Bernese Oberland Alps, on a plateau at 1100m above sea level with view on the turquoise Lake Brienz, lies the Center of Unity Schweibenalp. As a living and working community we manage the seminar business and the alpine permaculture gardens (4 ha). As a part of the Global Ecovillages Network (GEN), we consider ourselves as one of the emerging models for a holistic cultural transformation. At the Center of Unity Schweibenalp we contribute since more than 30 years to the development of an integral life culture and universal spirituality.

We are offering you the opportunity to be with us and to experience community living, community building, conscious living with each other and nature, as well as running a seminar business together. The aim of volunteering is to encourage personal and spiritual development, to give an intercultural experience in community living, to gain knowledge and practical experience about permaculture and sustainable living, and to be a positive inspiration on how to live now on our planet Earth. We are living and working together on Schweibenalp and we share the place with our many guests of the seminars and other volunteers. You will be working in the various possible areas: permaculture garden (herbery, vegetable, nursery, seed garden); housework, kitchen, maintenance.

You will be encouraged and supported to have your own project. Approximately a day a week will be put aside for this, and specific mentoring for it will happen from skilled people, depending on the topic you choose. You are welcome to join different working groups according to your talents, and you will be taking part at the different events of the community. While working in the various areas, we welcome clarity and openness with other people, a good ability to communicate, flexibility and please don’t forget to pack your humor, independence and self-responsibility. 

For more information please visit


1 YEAR (01.08.2022 – 31.07.2023)


The Eco-village in Degersheim, a holistic community project that promotes sustainable living, will offer 2 volunteers the possibility to participate in organic gardening, kitchen work, homecare, ecological building construction or refurbishing and event management, public relations and childcare. Beside all this, the volunteers will be encouraged and supported in developing their own ideas, initiatives and independent working. They can learn how and where they can contribute to all aspects of community life. The Eco-Village community area is located near a small village in the canton St.Gallen in a rural setting with beautiful nature surroundings. The area consists of several buildings with apartments, communal rooms, a library, guest rooms, dining room, art workshops, dance and yoga rooms, a garden with fire pit, sauna, children playgrounds, yurts, lots of fruit trees, berries and a vegetable garden. The community is organized in several working groups with members from different cultures, ages and backgrounds. Volunteers can participate in open community events and meetings and get to know social aspects, conflict solution tools, group dynamics and organizational skills.

For more information please visit


5 MONTHS (01.04.2022 – 31.08.2023)


Circus Lollypop in Lüen is a well-established traveling circus working with children and youth with the aim to encourage young people to develop their own youth culture and gain more self-consciousness. 1 volunteer will travel with the circus through Switzerland from April till August and make stops at many schools in several cantons. At the end of the EVS, the volunteer might even get the opportunity to accompany the circus to a country of Eastern Europe for the month of September, (mostly working with minorities in this country), but this month will not be part of the EVS and will be organized between the volunteer and the circus independently in case of a successful EVS. The tasks in the circus vary from setting up the tent to animate the children and help with all the circus related tasks for 5 months.

Each week the circus travels to another small village. They live in caravans and buses during the tour and work and live together like a big family. The EVS volunteer is incorporated in the base team and his/her creativity is needed. The main work is the circus animation with children and youth. The volunteer will practice with young people different circus elements and at the end of the week the children always present their newly created show in the circus tent in front of many spectators consisting of family and community members. The volunteer also helps set the circus tent, do technical stuff, crafts and housework and play in the circus band.

Basic conditions offered to long-term volunteers:

• Accommodation and all meals.

• Erasmus+ Program provides health insurance and travel expenses, plus training seminars at arrival and mid-term.

• Weekly German lessons (optional)

• Pocket money

• Preparation Seminar 

• Continuous mentoring and support since arrival and throughout all the stay.

• Final certification about the work done and competences acquired.

• Insurance and visa

How to apply

Please write to if you are interested in becoming an Erasmus+ volunteer or if you have some questions.

Please note that you can only apply if you are between 18-30 years old and if you have not volunteered through the Erasmus+ before.

Send your application via email (write the name of the project and year in the subject) and include all the following documents in English:

1) CV, Curriculum Vitae

2) Specific motivation letter for the project

Deadline for the application: as fast as possible

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