Workcamp: Renovation and Gardening at Waldorf School Schönau

17 July – 05 August 2022

Schönau an der Triesting, Lower Austria

About the Workcamp

During this camp, participants will help the local community in Schönau an der Triesing, lower Austria, by renovating and gardening at the Waldorfschool. Apart from supporting school renovation and gaining hands-on experience on gardening, you will have a chance to participate in workshops that will focus on environment, nature preservation and SCI peace values through non-formal activities such as interactive discussions, theater of the oppressed, activity games and visits.

Type of Work! Every summer a new part of the school building and the garden is renovated. This year the plan is to paint the classrooms, to do some gardening, wood work, other building and renovation tasks. No previous experience is required. Apart from school renovation there will be a study part activities focused on nature preservation and SCI values. We will have group discussions, reflections, interactive games, videos and documentaries about this theme.

Study Theme! You will gain hands-on experience in gardening and renovation and gather knowledge of Waldorf pedagogy. Furthermore, this year you will reflect on environmental issues. We set this study activity up to be a lot of fun, with a diverse range of methods, with movement and without formalities. We will have discussions, play games and watch documentaries.

Accommodation! There will be a simple shared accommodation for the group. There are two sleeping rooms with mattresses – you will need to bring your sleeping bags. Volunteers will plan the menu together and cook for themselves and the partner organisation will provide the food.

Who can participate?

  • 18 years old or older
  • Be motivated
  • Be able to participate in the complete project
  • English is the official language of the camp so please make sure you can speak it well enough for basic communications and to understand work and safety instructions.
  • Before you sign up for this camp, PLEASE make sure that you are healthy enough to participate

How to apply

You can apply through the Workcamp Database! Under this Link you can find the Application Explanation

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