INCLUDMI – Inclusion of Migrants by Qualified Occupation in the Tourism industry

The 1st of March 2022 started the Erasmus+ funded project INCLUDMI Inclusion of Migrants by Qualified Occupation in the Tourism industry, lasting for two years until 29th February 2024. The project, coordinated by Gesellschaft für Inklusion und Soziale Arbeit – ISA e.V. , from Germany includes other 5 partners organisations from Austria (Service Civil International – SCI Austria ), France (IFPRA Normandie), Malta (Future Focus Ltd),  Spain (Asociación de Empresarios Gallegos en Aragón y Riberas del Ebro – AEGARE ), Turkey (İzmit District Directorate of National Education – IIMEM). 

The project

The Erasmus+ project INCLUDMI aims to promote equal opportunities and access, inclusion, diversity and fairness across all its actions for migrants in European member states. The project focuses on the essential improvement of English language skills of migrants and their knowledge in order to boost their professional opportunities in the tourism sector. Therefore, the project focuses on the improvement  of the active use of the English language among migrant job seekers and on providing training institutions, training companies and the trainees themselves with methodological tools that accelerate the learning of job-related language and enable sustainable learning success throughout the development of training materials based on CLIL methodology (Content and Language Integrated Learning).

Objectives and expected results

The main objectives the project aims to achieve are:

  • Developing training materials for adult language educators into the CLIL methodology applied to the tourism sector.
  • Developing a synergy between the tourism industry, adult training centres and migrants.
  • Up-skilling migrants in order to enhance their opportunities in the tourism job market.
  • Facilitating the social inclusion of migrants in their host countries/societies.

Two open source project results will be delivered:

  1. CLIL Methodological and Resource Guide for Adult Language Trainers
  2. Methodological Guide for Training Organisations and Employers of Migrants

Last project updates

On the frame of the project, the coordinating organisation ISA e.V. hosted on 21st April in Potsdam (Germany) the first kickoff Transnational Project Meeting as project starting point.  

Between 20.06 and 22.06.2022 the partner Future Focus Ltd hosted the learning activity Maltese. The activity was a training which introduced the methodological foundations and practice of the pedagogical approach of CLIL methodology.

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