SCI Poland is looking for ESC volunteers!

SCI Poland is looking for 3 motivated volunteers to join their Projects:

Placement officer  in Poznań 

February to October 2023

We are looking for a volunteer who will support the mission of our organization by helping with coordination of international voluntary exchanges (workcamps): – first of all to get to know about the all system of international workcamps (you will participate in an international training about it); – to lead primary consultations and first coming consultations in the office, prepare materials for the presentations, work on a database of all possible workcamps; – to contact NGOs and individual volunteers from Poznan and surroundings to provide them with information about volunteering, supporting the placement process for volunteer going for workcamps; – to help future volunteers explaining what workcamp is, filling all necessary documents; – to coordinate workcamp in Poland Besides, the volunteer will run workshops in schools (on topics such as peace, interculturality, human rights, antidiscrimination) and will help with office work.

More Information: Placement Officer in SCI Poland office | European Youth Portal (

Foreigners’ Integration Center in Piła & in Konin

January to September 2023

The Regional Center for Social Policy (ROPS) is a public institution with a crucial social mission – building a high-quality place to live for all inhabitants of the region regardless of the country of origin. The Center provides a holistic form of assistance for migrants staying in Wielkopolska (the information point with all the necessary information on various aspects related to everyday life in Poland, the Polish language and adaptation courses, juridical and psychological support, activities for kids,etc.) Volunteer tasks will include: getting to know the target group of our activities; coming up with an idea for personal mini-project, that will planned according to the needs of the target group; finding partners for cooperation and planning the necessary budget; organising planned events and meetings, attentiveness to the needs of participants; sharing experiences and impressions; promotion of organised activities; taking care of the digital documentation.

More Information: Foreigners’ Integration Center in Piła | European Youth Portal (

More Information: Foreigners’ Integration Center in Konin | European Youth Portal (

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