Training Course “Learning Lab(oratory)”

Emen village, Veliko Tarnovo region, BULGARIA

7-14 July 2022 Emen village, Veliko Tarnovo region, BULGARIA With the “Learning Lab(oratory) – quality non-formal education in the digital world” project, we aim to improve the quality of the non-formal and informal learning aspects of volunteering activities in our organisations, in both physical and online formats. Read more about our project in the call […]

Workcamp: Renovation and Gardening at Waldorf School Schönau

Waldorf Landschule Schönau Kirchengasse 22,, Schönau an der Triesting

About the Workcamp During this camp, participants will help the local community in Schönau an der Triesing, lower Austria, by renovating and gardening at the Waldorfschool. Apart from supporting school renovation and gaining hands-on experience on gardening, you will have a chance to participate in workshops that will focus on environment, nature preservation and SCI […]

Beyond Neocolonialism


Solidarity and activist training for youth workers International training, 3 July online + 17-23 July in Vienna, Austria Introduction Europe is involved in global injustices, both historically through colonial history as well as in the present through ongoing economic and political injustices. European governments and companies have been enabling and driving unacceptable working conditions, land […]



FROM GROWTH MINDSET TO DEGROWTH ACTIONS MARIBOR, SLOVENIA 21. – 27. July 2022 WHAT AND WHY? Degrowth is a concept, movement and a way of thinking which main emphasis is not merely on calling for less growth, consumption or production, but more fundamentally, in inviting one to shift and re‐politicise the terms in which economic […]

Activists Meeting [Refugees and Migration]


Every month we organise activist meetings to connect committed people, talk about issues that are important to us as a peace organisation and find out how can we take action! Today, in times of right-wing politics that are on the rise all over Europe, in times of war, environmental pollution and climate change, it is […]

Wikipedia for Peace: Queer [Edit] | 2-10 August 2022 | Vienna, Austria


Youth Exchange | 2-10 August 2022 | Vienna, Austria What is this project about? There is a representation problem on Wikipedia. Some groups are better represented than others,. Only 17% of all biographies on English Wikipedia are about women, a lot of content about the Global South is missing. Also queer people – Lesbians, Gays, […]

Not your Soldier! |10-17 August 2022 | Vienna, Austria


Youth Exchange | 10-17 August 2022 | Vienna, Austria What is this project about? No war anywhere! The current war in Ukraine has changed Europe and the world massively in the past months. More than 6.6 million people have fled war and the Russian invasion of Ukraine since 24 February, 8 million more are displaced […]

Webinar: Not Your Soldier


We invite you to a webinar hosted by young people at an international antimilitarist youth exchange taking place in Austria at the moment! No war anywhere! The current war in Ukraine has changed Europe and the world massively in the past months. Prices of food, oil, gas and electricity are rising fast. And this in […]

Workcamp: Nature across borders

About the Workcamp The local partners, National Parks Thayatal and Podyjí oversee the protection and ecological development of their respective regions, with their particular biodiversity. Some areas in Thayatal and Podyjí need ongoing management to form sustainable habitats for rare species. Meadows and diverse dry grassland areas, need to be taken care of to preserve […]

Workcamp: Green Belt Camp

About the Green Belt Workcamp The European Green Belt is a valuable ecological network along the former Iron curtain which divided Europe into east and west for nearly 40 years. The European Green Belt forms the backbone of Pan-European ecological network and provides a significant contribution to European “Green Infrastructure”. The Greenbelt-Initiative is an example […]

Vision Seminar


Can we capture all areas of SCI work under peace (defined in 4 levels: with oneself, with others, within society, with nature)? You are warmly invited to participate in the third event of the ongoing Vision Seminar process and be part of the conversation towards the future of SCI and the new Strategic Plan: 📅 Saturday, 10 […]

Queer Cinema in the Mountains [CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS]

Bad Ischl

Photo: Ray Swi-hymn What is the project about? With this youth exchange, we want to bring together 28 young queer people living in Germany, Greece, Poland, Austria and the Netherlands to discuss, curate and create queer cinema. We think, we speak, we listen, we watch together. The stories that queer people and especially queer BIPoC see […]

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