Call for participants: Rome International Soup Festival 2023

ESC Volunteering Team project in Rome

Are you interested in the topics of food culture, festival planning and social exchange?
“Festival Internazionale della Zuppa di Roma 2023” is a Volunteering workcamp taking place in Rome from the 22th of March until the 6th of April 2023.

Volunteering workcamp in Rome, 2019

La Città dell’Utopia

“La Città dell’Utopia” (Utopia City) is a project of SCI Italy located in Rome (San Paolo neighborhood) inside the Casale Garibaldi, an old country house located on a green hill in the middle of modern buildings. The project is an ongoing workshop on active citizenship and local development. There are different events, initiatives, courses and workshops organized around different main themes: interculturality, sustainable lifestyles, antifascism and active
citizenship. At La Città dell’Utopia we care a lot about our food consumption habits focusing on reuse and preservation to avoid waste.

Call for participants:

Zuppa Festival

The International Soup Festival was born in Lille in 2001 and successfully spread across Europe to Berlin, Krakow, Barcelona, Madrid, Frankfurt and the Italian city of Bologna in 2004 and Rome in 2008.

The 16th edition of Zuppa Festival will be held at La Città dell’Utopia with the support of a large number of citizens and volunteers and aims at creating a moment of celebration around a unique, rich and popular dish that is known all over the world. Participants will be competing for the famous prize “Mestolo d’Oro” (golden ladle).

The International Soup Festival has several aims:
● Cultural, social and human integration: meeting and sharing food together, on the streets of Rome.
● The artistic dimension: creating and mixing flavors, in order to present them to the public.
● The playful dimension, involving cultural traditions exchange.
● Everything is free, all participants compete while offering their food to everyone.
● An open manifesto, encouraging everyone to participate.

This year, the main themes of the festival are the celebration of food waste in a way that it can be reused to encourage the conservation of resources, and the appreciation of making mistakes as a creative moment of growth.

Zuppa Festival – The Workcamp

The Camp will be divided in two parts: a study part and a more practical one related to the organization of the Zuppa Festival.


During the workcamp, the volunteers will have a workload of around 6-7 hours per day. The main activities will be:

● Supporting the organization of the indoor and outdoor spaces of the festival;
● Supporting the preparation and running of the event “Zuppa Festival 2023” (Presence at the bar, cash desks, cooking…);
● Supporting the promotion of the festival;
● Tidying up the venue at the end of the “Zuppa Festival 2023”;
● A possibility to create creative outputs from the festival: videos, pictures, interviews, podcasts, etc…
● Contributing to some practical activities related to La Città dell’Utopia (gardening, cleaning, etc…)

Study Part

The study part will be focused on sustainable food consumption and local food production where the participants will be able to learn more about organic and zero kilometer food, zero waste food and fair trade products with an ecological perspective.

At La Città dell’Utopia, the volunteers will also have the chance to learn more about food habits and patterns, with a main focus on Italian food culture, vegetarian and vegan recipes and different cooking techniques.

During the study part, the goal will be to give support to the writing of a recipe book of La Citta dell’Utopia, through:

● Research activities and writing articles on food and different recipes that are usually cooked here;
● Activities of editing the book, that is, making graphics and/or layout.
● Proofreading the materials and recipes.


● Interest in food culture
● Group working skills
● Interest in organizing and creating events
● Artistic and manual skills
● Motivation for cooking and gardening
● Basic cooking skills
● Being under 30 years old.

Logistics, financial conditions, and sustainability

Simple life: You will be hosted in the hostel of “La Città dell’ Utopia”. You will share a room with other volunteers. You will also share the two bathrooms of the hostel. We provide sheets and blankets, but don’t forget to bring your own towels!

Money, money, money: This project is founded by the European Solidarity Corps program. Therefore, we can cover all essential costs of the program (including food, travel costs up to a maximum amount per country, visa costs, accommodation, and pocket money). The travel is reimbursed after tickets and boarding passes submission.

Sustainable food: The food we will cook will be vegan/vegetarian. This is not just a practical decision, but also an ideological one: SCI believes in the values of sustainability and climate justice – and if we want to contribute to a more peaceful planet, we need to give up on industrialized animal agriculture and its destructive effects on our planet. You can tell us if you have any diets, allergies, or intolerances that we should be aware of.

Sustainable travels?: This is also why we ask you to come to this youth exchange by any more sustainable means of transport rather than flying (e.g. by train or bus), if somehow possible. We will guide you on how you can reach the venue once you are accepted to the project.

How to apply?

You can send your CV and Motivation Letter until the 28th of February 2023 to We invite you to apply as soon as possible (all applications will be treated on arrival order).

For more information please contact:

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