Kulture – Enhancing Environmental Education through Methods and Principles of Permaculture

Erasmus + KA1 Training Course

Call for participants

12-22 June 2023,
Klosterneuburg, Austria

What is this project about?

Permaculture is a set of principles and practices that aim at the synergic and mutually beneficial integration of land, resources, social communities and environment. Moreover, it is a framework for the design of sustainable human-environmental systems, underpinned by ethical principles and globally practiced as an agriculture method aimed at the imitation of natural cycles.

In times characterized by environmental threats with disrupting consequences on economic and social stability, permaculture provides a holistic framework for addressing environmental needs not only from the point of view of agriculture (biodiversity loss, soil consumption, land and water pollution, overconsumption of resources etc.) but firstly from a pedagogical and educational perspective.

During this project, we will explore how permaculture methods and practices can help to have a
better quality and innovative tools in environmental education.

In particular we will:
1) gain awareness about the usefulness of permaculture methods and practices in fostering environmental education and in addressing relevant social-environmental needs;
2) gain knowledge and competences regarding principles, ethics and methods of permaculture;
3) develop skills for designing practical educational sessions inspired to permaculture principles and methods;
4) creating international networks between young people, permaculture practitioners and interested organizations in order to exchange good practices and build impact of permaculture movement at the European level.


During both training courses, we are going to use a variety of methods inspired to NFE and to permaculture practices, trying to provide a fruitful mix between the two. Among the others we will practice critical, systemic and visual thinking, creative designing in permaculture and brainstorming. We will include games, group discussion, outdoor activities. We will use maps and visual tools. We will do some case studies, talk with experts in the field and visit successful permaculture projects. Also, we will engage into the creation of education tools for permaculture and sustainability.

Who can apply?

Living in Austria, Italy, Spain, Kosovo, Greece, Slovenia or Norway. There is no age limit. Unfortunately cannot make exceptions regarding this due to our funding.

Be able to participate in the whole period of 12-22 June 2023 (June, 12 and June 22 are traveling days). It doesn’t make sense for you to come to the project late or to leave early, as you would miss important sessions.

Trainers interested in environmental education or in permaculture, permaculture practitioners and young change-makers. Minimum requirements is to be interested in the topic of the training course, to have a strong motivation to act as a multiplier, to be ready to participate even after the end of the training in dissemination and follow-up activities.

REMEMBER! This project consists of two activities, one in Austria (June 2023) and one in Italy (October/November 2023), which make a whole training course. We would really prefer if you could also take part to both. If you cannot participate in the second, you can still apply!

Logistics and financial conditions

Accommodation & Food: All participants will stay in the LVZ Kierling, in Klosterneuburg. The food will be prepared by our staff in the kitchen of the hostel. Please tell us in the application form if you have specific food intolerances, diets or allergies that you would like to communicate.

Money, money, money: We can cover all essential costs of the program (including food, travel costs up to a maximum amount per country, visa costs, accommodation and content) through a European project grant by Erasmus+. Travel expenses will be reimbursed according to the distance calculator rules and the maximum for each participant that can be reimbursed is the depending of the country and city of departure following this schema:
Austria (max 23€), Greece (max 275€, with sustainable travel 320€), Italy (max 275€), Slovenia (180€, with sustainable travel 210€), Spain (max 275€), Norway (max 275€), Kosovo (275€, with sustainable travel 320€). We strongly encourage sustainable travel when possible!

How to apply?

In order to apply, please fill out this application form. All those accepted will later receive a detailed infosheet (incl. info on how to get to the venue, how to book your travels, about the agenda of the project). First deadline for applying is April, 15 2023. Second deadline will be May, 15 2023. Only selected participants will be contacted back.


If you have any questions regarding the project and your application, don’t hesitate to contact one
of the partner organizations:

Austria: SCI Austria – contact person: Gianmichele at
Greece: Villagers of Greece – contact person: Georgios at
Kosovo: GAIA Kosovo – contact person: Genti at
Italy: Moby Dick ETS – contact person: Mario Panzarella at
Norway: Creatorium NGO – contact person: Jørgen at
Slovenia: Zavod Krog – contact person: Sara at
Spain: Viaje ala Sostenibilidad – contact person: Anna at
Spain: Permacultura Cantabria – contact person: Silvia at

We are looking forward to your application 🙂

The coordinating team

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