PECO – „Mirror mirror on the wall: Breaking Gender stereotypes in youth work“

In this seminar we want to exchange on how the fairytales and other storytelling in education and youth work dangerously influence Gender stereotypes and perceived accepted roles/ identities of young people. We looked at:

–          Gender and Sexuality as topics in youth work

– Gender stereotypes – how they influence youth work(ers) and how they impact young people/ their development

–      Stereotypes and assigned roles in storytelling in oral traditions, fairytales, books, movies etc.

–          The dangers of stereotypes leading to violence and challenges in the personal development of young people

It is important for us that this seminar will treat gender from an inclusive point of view, discussing male, female and other stereotypes, and therefore focusing on an overall picture, not just one gender.

This seminar aims to:

  • Sensitize to gender education and its objectives
  • Acquire NFE tools for the promotion of equality and inclusion
  • Understand gender stereotypes or stereotypes about sexualities in storytelling such as fairy tales, movies, etc. and how they affect young people
  • Understand the link between stereotypes / normativity and gender-based violence
  • Exchange tools, strategies and best practices on how to tackle and overcome situations of gendered discrimination / violence in working with young people
  • Reflect on our gender stereotypes or stereotypes about sexualities, and how they affect our work
  • Make youth centers, workshops and projects for young people more inclusive and safer
  • Develop new tools and a handbook for youth organizations and institutions

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