Peace Education in Practice online course

Do you want to learn about how to act for peace? Are you an activist, a volunteer, a camp coordinator, a youth worker, a trainer, an enthusiast or just curious to learn more about peace education? 

Service Civil International created an online course for you to gain new understanding about what peace is, how to contribute/harm it, by looking at your role in peace. It also helps you learn how to deal with conflicts, how to talk about peace to others and how to stand up for peace. Moreover, you can find concrete methods you can apply in your daily life to contribute to peace directly around you.

Everyone interested can participate, no prior knowledge or experience are needed. Some parts are more theoretical and abstract, some more practical and hands-on, and you will learn through many interactive methods. So the course is for different kinds of learners!

It consists of online modules that are free and accessible to everyone, and you will explore peace from different angles:

  • What is Peace?
  • Inner Peace
  • Peace with others
  • Social and political Peace
  • Peace with nature and the environment
  • How to educate for Peace
  • Reflection module

You can design your own learning journey: you can follow all the modules described above, or choose just the ones that interest you the most at that moment. You can always come back to discover more.

Join Service Civil International in a journey of understanding and practicing peace and sign up on!

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