Call for participants: International Seminar for youth workers “Raise your employability”

Seminar on youth unemployment – 11th to 19th October 2021 – Diyarbakir, Turkey

The participation is free of charge therefore you don´t have to pay to participate

 “Raise your Employability” ” is a seminar on enhancing on awareness on the background and the causes of unemployment of young people and how to break it by support of local and transnational youth work policies and tools which will be held on Diyarbakir, Turkey on the 11- 19th October, 2021. We will have 29 participants from Austria, Portugal, Turkey, Poland, Greece, Latvia, Italy, Spain and Romania who will be the employers, staff, volunteers and people interested to be active in their respective organisations and who actively work with unemployed young people.

After COVID-19, we all are waiting for economic effects and especially we are worried about long term unemployment of young people. We would like to provide a space for youth workers, youth leaders to understand better the background and causes of unemployment of young people and to learn policies in order to fight against it and how these youth policies can be adapted into local youth work activities by exploring and inventing new tools on positive thinking, empowering job seekers and radicalization, marginalization of young people. During 8 working days the participants will share opinions and ideas on unemployment and will be involved in various activities. They will learn how to use voluntarism as a way to the labor market, working with E-Job databases, what YouthPass is etc. The seminar will stimulate young people’s spirit of initiative, creativity, entrepreneurship and employ-ability through theoretical input from experts and participants.

Partner Countries:  Spain, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Greece, Romania, Poland, Austria and Turkey.

Travel expenses reimbursement: We have budget to cover your travel cost according to Erasmus+ distance calculator rules and the maximum for each participant that can be reimbursed is the depending of the country of departure as follow:

From Romania and Greece: maximum 275 €

From Poland, Austria, Italy and Latvia: maximum 360 €

From Spain: maximum 530 €

From Portugal: maximum 820 €

Travel expenses will be reimbursed according to your travel documents/bills but cannot be paid more than maximum travel costs.

Accommodation: All participants will stay in the guest house of Youth and Change Association in the city-centre of Diyarbakir. You can find more details in the facebook page:

Food: Mostly it will be provided in the guest house but sometimes we will eat outside in order to try all traditional foods. If you have any about allergies, vegans in your groups, please let us know it asap. 

Applications: to apply and to ask further information send an email at and we will get back to you asking some basic information.

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