Queer Cinema in the Mountains [CALL FOR PARTICIPANTS]

22-28 September 2022, Bad Ischl, Austria

What is the project about?

With this youth exchange, we want to bring together 28 young queer people living in Germany, Greece, Poland, Austria and the Netherlands to discuss, curate and create queer cinema.

We think, we speak, we listen, we watch together. The stories that queer people and especially queer BIPoC see on screen are often very limited. It‘s rare that we feel represented by identities and narratives in films. This means we need to go deeper and deeper into a niche – intersectional queer cinema – that can be hard to navigate. And maybe we just need to tell our own stories and amplify our voices?

7 days of queer empowerment in the mountains. This is why we invite you to a week of queer empowerment, storytelling and filmmaking workshops, curation workshops, collective watching of (short) films by young queer filmmakers and discussions about them. We will have queer filmmakers and curators leading workshops at the project that will enable you to use film as a means to tell your own stories or as a form of community building. And we will be in the Austrian Alps, enjoying some fresh air and possibly snow!

No luxury. The project will take place in simple living conditions, rooms are shared between up to 6 people. Travel costs (up to a maximum amount, depending on country), accommodation, food and program are covered through a grant by Erasmus+.

When and Where?

The project will take place from 13th until 19th of Januray at a hostel in Bad Ischl in Austria.


There is no participation fee and the project will include accommodation, travel costs up to 275 EUR and three free meals a day. This project is funded by the European Commission through the program Erasmus+.

Who can apply?

Be queer! This project is made by queer people for queer people. With this project we want to create a safer space for all of those of us who identify with being trans*, inter*, non-binary, lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, asexual and queer.

People with multiple discriminations prioritized. We want to encourage participants who feel they can bring various perspectives and especially queer BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) to apply. We will prioritize applications by queers who experience other forms of discrimination as well (e.g. racism, classism, ableism). The venue is wheelchair-accessible. We will do our best to make the project a safer space and we will create the project based on the individual needs of the participants. We also really encourage people who haven’t travelled at all yet or haven’t travelled a lot yet to apply.

Mixed space: BIPOC and white. This project is organised by and for both BIPOC people (Black people, indigenous people, people of color) and white people. As in any mixed space like this, it is important for white people who would like to participate to be mindful and critical of their own privileges. There will be space for critical self-reflection for white participants both in the preparation and at the project.

2G – vaccinated or recovered. Due to the constantly changing situation around COVID-19 and due to the security of all participants, we can only accept people who are fully vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19 to this project..

Living in Austria and be between 18 and 30! We unfortunately cannot make exceptions here due to our funding.

Be able to participate in the whole period 131January 2022! It doesn’t make sense for you to come to the project late or to leave early, as you would miss important sessions.

A phone with a camera is great, otherwise you don’t need to have experience or equipment at all! This is a project for people who are just interested in doing film, not for people who are already professional filmmakers or curators.

Who is organizing this Project?

A new queer organisation, Critical Queer Solidarity that wants to create alternative spaces within the queer community in Berlin and create connections with other queer people around Europe and the world.

Queen Of Virginity and Thomas from the Critical Queer Solidarity team will be the ones coordinating this project.

How can I apply?

You can apply by filling out the application form on the cqs website.


Feel free to write an email to Thomas at

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