“Youth Has A Strategy”, Seminar

18-26 th March 2022, Diyarbakir, Turkey

Nowadays, we are worried about COVID-19 and its effects such as economic crisis, psychological damage, youth unemployment, questions and reconsideration about the solidarity between countries and the future of the EU etc. While some people believe this situation will be the end of the European Union, countries will be more nationalist and close their borders, people will be more radicalised; we -as partner organisations and youth workers/leaders- believe on the contrary. At least, we believe that the goals of “Youth Has a Strategy” are more important nowadays and we would like to contribute in the solidarity among youth workers from different countries.

During the seminar, there will be several methods used when participants can experience being a part of the Strategy in order to foster their emotional and rational understanding concerning this multi problem situation. Especially role plays, forum theatre, board games will provide them an opportunity to try them out being in different roles of a youth worker who work with young people with fewer opportunities. Participants can try out different tools and methods in a safe environment. Some examples for methods we will use during the seminar: individual work, pair work, small mixed group work, national group work, role plays, field visit, collage, symbolise, making definitions, express a link between theory and practice, drawings, creating a ‘dreamland’, insolent meal method etc.

During the seminar we will engage in following questions:

  • How can youth workers, leaders contribute actively in solidarity and how can we be ‘a big international team’? What is the background of the Strategy in general?
  • What are the characteristics of the multi problem situation regarding being a youth leader to contribute to the goals of the Strategy?
  • Which methods can we use to achieve the goals of the Strategy and make it easily understandable for young people?
  • How transnational youth projects supported by Erasmus + programme can support young people to create a holistic approach to reach the goals of the Strategy?

30 participants from Austria, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Spain, Estonia, Italy, Turkey, Estonia and Greece. The seminar will be implemented in Diyarbakir, Turkey on the 18-26th March 2022! (18th is arrival and 26th is departure).

Everyone who comes to this seminar should…

● be motivated and interested in the topic

● committed to participate in group discussions

● bring ideas for seminar

● have sufficient English language skills (spoken and written);

● be committed to spreading their new skills and competences to their sending branches/organisation

Financial Conditions:

This Project is funded by the Erasmus+. That means that the participation is free of charge! Travel expenses will be reimbursed: We cover your travel cost according to Erasmus+ distance calculator rules and the maximum for each participant that can be reimbursed is the depending of the country of departure as follow:
Greece and Romania : maximum 275 €
Austria, Estonia, Poland and Italy: maximum 360 €
Spain: maximum 530 €
Portugal: maximum 820 €
Travel expenses will be paid according to your travel documents/bills but cannot be paid more than maximum travel costs.


All participants will stay in the guest house of Youth and Change Association in the city centre of Diyarbakir. You can find more details in the facebook page:
You will have Wi-Fi in the guest house.

Arrival to the project venue: We will pick up all participants from Diyarbakir airport and that’s why it’s very important to know your arrival times. Please send your travel tickets to

Application & Deadline

In order to apply please send us an email at and he will get back to you as soon as possible.
Contact: Umut Suvari, Gsm: +905368906334

See you soon 😀

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