The Living Library Week

SCI Italy is looking for 1 group leader for the youth exchange : The Living Library Week, which will take place from 4th to 13 th of May at La Città dell Utopia, a social laboratory in Rome.

A group of young people from Italy, Catalonia, Greece, Hungary, and Austria will have the opportunity to explore together the themes of emotional intelligence and interpersonal relations, through the Living Library tool. Together we will become living books ready to tell our stories and to be read by other young people.

The Living Library methodology aims to build a positive framework for communication between people, challenging stereotypes, and prejudices through dialogue. The theme of each book is the life of a person, and the narrator is the
same individual who, through their voice and testimony, shares not only words and expressions but also their own values and beliefs, norms, and myths of the communities in which they were raised. This methodology allows not only to bring people together but also to develop their emotional abilities with an important impact in terms of personal development and active citizenship. 

An online preparatory meeting (APV) for the project is going to take place on the following days: 21 st , 23 rd and 25 th of March.

What does a Group Leader do?
BEFORE the Youth Exchange:

  • Participate in 2 online meetings with the organizational team
  • Support the people who coordinate the project in the preparation of the online preparatory meeting (APV)
  • Help with the logistics of your group (organize trips, prepare meetings with the group, collect specific needs)
  • Help in the selection and preparation of participants and activities

DURING the Youth Exchange:

  • Responsible for your group (well-being, motivation, and team spirit)
  • Support the implementation of activities
  • Daily evaluation within the group
  • Being responsible for the Exchange program and program

AFTER the Exchange:

  • Support the reporting
  • Helping with the administration (collect tickets, photos, reports, assessments, etc.)

Who are we looking for?
The ideal group leader:

  • has experience in working with young people, coordinating groups and non-formal education methods
  • is interested, motivated and willing to follow the project from beginning to end
  • has a good knowledge of English and Italian and is able to translate for his group if necessary
  • has a positive and proactive attitude 
  • is very patient, tolerant, and open-minded 
  • has good organizational skills 
  • is able to cooperate with the organizational team 
  • feels responsible for the group, especially for the participants, who come from difficult contexts

Logistics, financial conditions, and sustainability

Simple life: The training will take place in La Città dell’Utopia in Rome, which is a community house with simple living conditions. You will sleep in a room shared with a few other people.

Money, money, money: We can cover all essential costs of the program (including food, travel costs up to a maximum amount per country, visa costs, accommodation, and training) through a European project grant by Erasmus+.
The travel is reimbursed for participants up to a maximum of € 275 after tickets and boarding passes submission

Sustainable food: The food we provide will be vegan/vegetarian. This is not just a practical decision, but also an ideological one: SCI believes in the values of sustainability and climate justice – and if we want to contribute to a more
peaceful planet, we need to give up on industrialized animal agriculture and its destructive effects on our planet. You can tell us, if you have any diets, allergies, or intolerances that we should be aware of.

Sustainable travels?: This is also why we ask you to come to this training through more sustainable means of transport rather than flying (e.g. by train or bus), if somehow possible. We will give you more guidance on how you can reach the venue once you are accepted to the training.

How to apply?
Please send as your CV and a small text about yourself and your motivations to participate in this project. We strongly encourage you to explore your creativity and use whatever tools you prefer.
You can send your application until the 14 th of march to

For more information please contact:
Carole Corbeau
Sara Duarte

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