Toolkit for antimilitarist and pacifist youth activism and education

This toolkit is the outcome of a series of international peace and antimilitarist projects by SCI Austria.

As a branch of the international peace organisation Service Civil international (SCI), we want to stand up for peaceful resolution to conflict, global disarmament and demilitarization. We want to connect our organisation with other befriended networks already or potentially working on this, such as War Resisters International, IFOR, Alliance, ICYE and CCIVS.

Our first project „Peace on the Streets“ trained European youth workers from 1-7 June 2019 in Vienna (Austria) how to do street activism around peace with young people. In the seminar „Methods Against War“ in Mitrovica (Kosovo) from 1-6 June 2022, youth workers shared antimilitarist education materials and methods with each other. And with the youth exchange „Not Your Soldier“ in Klosterneuburg (Austria) from 10-18 August 2022, we brought together young people from European countries with active military conscription to share their experiences and to relate them to the peace movement.

All of these projects were funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ programme.

Cover photo: Street action during the training „Peace on the Streets“ in June 2019 in

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