Workcamp: Donau-Auen meets Thayatal National Park

Youth for Nature Donau-Auen meets Thayatal National Park

22. August.- 04. September 2021

At this workcamp volunteers will contribute to the protection and ecological development of two National Parks in Austria. Some areas in Thayatal and Donau-Auen need ongoing management to form sustainable habitats for rare species. Meadows and diverse dry grassland areas, need to be taken care of to preserve them and their ecosystem functions. The management of national parks lays great emphasis on environmental education and visitor management.

We will remove invasive plants to prevent irreversible anthropogenic effects on the ecosystem. Secondly, we will mow dry grassland areas and selectively remove bushes and small trees to prevent the forest from overgrowing these species-rich open habitats. We will also have time to get to know each other and enjoy the summer in Austria.

You can find more information about this camp here.

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