Workcamp: Nature across borders

04. – 18. September 2022

Thayatal National Park and Podyjí National Park

About the Workcamp

The local partners, National Parks Thayatal and Podyjí oversee the protection and ecological development of their respective regions, with their particular biodiversity. Some areas in Thayatal and Podyjí need ongoing management to form sustainable habitats for rare species. Meadows and diverse dry grassland areas, need to be taken care of to preserve them and their ecosystem functions. The management of national parks lays great emphasis on environmental education and visitor management.

What will you do? We will remove invasive plants to prevent irreversible anthropogenic effects on the ecosystem. Secondly, we will mow or rake dry grassland areas and selectively remove bushes and small trees to
prevent the forest from overgrowing these species-rich open habitats. We will also have time to get to know each other and enjoy the early autumn in Austria and the Czech Republic.

Study Theme! You will gather knowledge of local habitats with their flora and fauna as well as their mandatory management, including the challenges faced. Furthermore, you will gain hands-on experience in maintaining dry grasslands and managing invasive species.

Accommodation! At Thayatal National Park you will be staying in the Wildcat Camp. The facility is equipped with bedrooms for up to 6 persons with bathrooms, a common room and kitchen. During time in Podyjí National Park, you will stay in Havraníky in an old school. The building belongs to the National Park and is equipped with two dormitories up to 12 persons, a bathroom, a common room and a kitchen.

About the Parks

The conservation area of Thayatal and Podyjí National Park covers part of the Thaya Valley river landscape. While cutting through the Bohemian Massif the river Thaya created an enormously diverse landscape along the river. Mainly the area consists of diverse forest but there are also meadows, dry grasslands and, as the name suggests, aquatic habitats like the river Thaya or Fugnitz and some other trickels.

Who can participate?

  • You are 18 years old or older
  • Be motivated to take concrete action to improve the natural environment and resist global challenges
  • Be able to participate in the complete project
  • Be aware that the work is physically demanding!
  • English is the official language of the camp so please make sure you can speak it well enough for basic communications and to understand work and safety instructions.
  • Before you sign up for this camp, PLEASE make sure that you are healthy enough to participate

We will work 4-5 days a week for six hours a day with breaks in between. The work will be physical and in steep terrain. Therefore, some basic fitness as well as solid ankle-high hiking boots are required. Be prepared for hot and / or rainy weather, penetrating the bushes or water wading

How to apply

You can apply through the Workcamp Database! Under this Link you can find the Application Explanation

We are looking forward to your applications!

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