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Hi, we are Volunteers’ Centre of Vojvodina, but everyone calls us VCV! If we have ever met in the past 17 years, that must have been during some workcamps in Vojvodina/abroad or some youth exchange in Europe, or maybe we have together collected goods for emergency situations, educated ourselves on crochet, gardening and all sorts of DIY tricks. By organizing these and many other activities, VCV was a stepping stone for many young people, who have from then on landed on a number of different places: from festivals and kindergartens over women’s shelters to community radio and bear sanctuary!

If we haven’t met so far, imagine a mind map and VCV in the middle of it: in those clouds around it would be volunteering, activism, social engagement, sustainable practices and regional encounters! We want to tell you that we will for sure have a chance to meet in the future, but that is actually only the optimistic version of the story.

Realistically speaking, the last two years were difficult for everyone, including VCV, that doesn’t have a guaranteed continuous support by donors and that organizes its activities from one grant to the other, not knowing which one will be its last one (okay, we sound like drama-queens now, but the situation is not a joke). Although we have, despite the pandemic, provided the means for many activities, sustainability remains a distant dream: we cover our regular costs with small local and regional projects, as well as with memberships. 

What will change with your support?

2020 was difficult, 2021 was difficult, but your support would mean that 2022 will be somewhat different, because it would ensure the continuity and sustainability of VCV’s work throughout this year. Thanks to your support, we will be able to work smoothly, relieved, oh as light as butterflies, knowing that our basic costs are covered! Our efforts and energy will be redirected towards ensuring additional resources, finding new donors, continuing with the current programs and activities in the local communities, organization of the new season of the workcamps, further development of our base of volunteers, activists, coworkers and partners!

With this in mind we invite all of you that have once participated in our activities or those who would like that, current, former and future volunteers, activists, coworkers, citizens of Novi Sad, to join us and help VCV survive!

Minimum amount needed for the organization to function for a year is EUR 4.510.


The money collected during the campaign will be used for financing the following costs in the period from June to December 2022:

  • Administrative costs (bookkeeping, bank, website maintenance, fees etc.) and office expenses: 20% of the full campaign amount 
  • Human resources (a part of the salary and taxes for two people, fees for activity coworkers: 50% of the full campaign amount
  • Costs of organizing volunteering, social and educational activities (materials, transportation etc.): 25% of the full campaign amount
  • Campaign costs (promotion, presents etc.): 5% of the full campaign amount

You can support the campaign by doing the following:

  • Donating
  • Donate in RSD (you can convert amounts in EUR or USD into RSD via any online currency converter) on the platform “Dobri Dabar” 
  • Donate via the account of the SCI network (whose branch we are) by using the following data:

Account holder: The Association of Service Civil International

IBAN: BE37 5230 8019 4928;      


Bank address: Triodos Bank, Hoogstraat 139/3, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

It is important that the purpose of the payment is “Donation for VCV”.

For donations in USD

Account holder: The Association of Service Civil International
Account number: 9600000000181203
Routing number: 084009519
Account type: Checking
Local US address: TransferWise, 19 W 24th Street, New York, NY 10010, United States

  • Spreading information about the campaign on social media, platforms of your organizations/collectives and other channels of communication.


For all our international friends who donate from abroad, we have personally designed a digital thank-you-card! It might not be perfect, but it is made with love!

Thank you for supporting VCV!

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