Activists Meeting

We are starting again with our activists meetings to connect committed people, talk about issues that are important to us as a peace organisation and find out how we can take action! 

In the next months we are going to speak about sexual consent, white saviour complex, historical revisionism, antimilitarism, environmental and nature protection ect. 

Next meeting will be on Thursday, March 30 at 6pm in our office community in the 1st district [Schottengasse 3a/1/4/59]! The topic of our next activist meeting is Sexual Consent! Laura Roqueta Fernández, founder of organisation Cultura Consentimiento, that aims to raise awareness on consent, s.v prevention, and support to survivors with an intersectional approach, will lead the workshop during our meeting!

What is sexual consent and why is it important? Under which premises can consent be considered valid? What happens when we break someone’s consent? How is consent portrayed in series and movies?

These are some of the questions that will be discussed in the workshop!

We would love you to come,

In order to apply please fill out the application form!

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